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This is the domain of author, chef, musician, artist, traveler and family man, Robert Nailor, known also on the web as Lore, Lorewriter, and fondly as BLZBob.

This site is designed to highlight my writings, graphics, music, recipes of both my own creation and those of my friends, plus personal information about me. You will also find links to sites of my friends, groups I'm associated with and other places I find interesting... so click away...

BLZBob's Website of Graphics and Music
The Musician & Artist
The Irish Writer
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Delphic Moments Weblog
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A Haunted Encounter - The Grove House
A Haunted House
The Nailor Family Geneology
Nailor Family Geneology
The Emporium Gazette
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Dragon Moon Press
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Mitch Whitington
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